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Collaborative Working

The National Association for AONBs and the national network of AONB Partnerships and Conservation Boards take a collaborative and partnership based approach - working across the network and with other organisations at a national level to achieve shared goals. 

AONBs cover some 15% of the land area of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, yet have small workforces. Their unique strength lies in their power to convene.

AONB Partnership teams include representatives from across their locality: from other conservation organisations, such as the RSPB, Natural England, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts; farmers and landowners; local history and natural history societies; representatives from local business organisations; residents; local authorities; and ramblers. This active representation and team-working to conserve AONBs helps prioritise and share work, amplifies what can be achieved and ensures that effort is invested where it is most needed.

The National Landscapes Platform

Our National Landscapes Platform is a virtual space designed to support collaborative working, it provides a set of tools to allow us to work together more effectively.

These tools include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following. 

  • A variety of Forums where all users can discuss topics, as well as a few, smaller private, forums for specific project work
  • A searchable Contact Directory, to provide additional networking with colleagues nationally - users are able to search for people with specific expertise and for those who are open for collaborative activity (from ad hoc advice to project work)
  • A searchable Resource Library where users can share and discover files of all sorts (documents, images, maps…)
  • News page where users can read all the latest updates from across the network (curated by AONB comms officers), as well as national updates from the NAAONB
  • Calendars to inform users of upcoming events, meetings and training sessions, as well as project-specific calendars (to aid with project management)
  • A Project Summary page to inform users on what national/regional projects there are and how they are progressing
  • A collaborative document management system, to co-edit files remotely without fear of losing precious work because of version history problems
  • A chat system, for quick, one-to-one conversations
  • And, customisable settings for email notifications, including a weekly digest of recent activity - to cut down on unwanted pressure on email inboxes! 

    You can access the platform by registering or logging-in at 

Please note that you can request for your account to be deleted whenever you want, by contacting us.