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AONB: Blackdown Hills

Beef and Butterflies 

Beef and Butterflies and Priority Butterflies projects created the farmer-led Blackdown Hills Rough Grazing Association, and initiated collaborative working between livestock graziers, landowners and conservation professionals to conserve and enhance important springline mire wetland mosaic habitats for scarce butterflies (including wood white, duke of burgundy and marsh fritillary) and other wildlife.

These projects are two of a series of partnership projects which took place within the Blackdown Hills AONB between 2005 and 2011, through the £3 million Neroche Landscape Partnership Scheme, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (now NLHF), which brought 250 hectares of former conifer woodland within the Neroche Forest into restoration management back to wood pasture and open habitats.  It also included a community archaeology project, the publication of a unique local heritage book, and the creation of a 13 mile recreational trail.