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AONB: East Devon

Grassroots Action

East Devon AONB Sustainable Development Fund has assisted local people and organisations to undertakes active species and habitat management.

This has improved heathland management, benefitting UK BAP priority species: silver-studded blue butterfly, Kugelann’s Green Clock ground beetle, smooth snake, common lizard, grass snake, slow worm, southern damselfly and adders.

In woodlands we have undertaken veteran tree management and protection and provided volunteers with tools and training to manage abandoned small woodlands for wildlife.  We have built and placed dormice boxes in a woodland and we have enhanced bat roosts and hibernation caves.

Flooding meadows have been managed through the purchase of a rotary ditcher and fencing allowed re-introduction of grazing into a rushy wet pasture.

The picture shows volunteers spreading mulch around the 800 year old King Johns Oak.