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AONB: North Pennines

Haytime and Nectarworks

The North Pennines AONB has 40% of all the UK’s species rich upland hay meadows. Through Haytime and Nectarworks, 1120 upland hay meadows have been surveyed, leading to almost 300 management agreements with farmers and almost 400 hectares of habitat restoration.

A Nectar Source Network Map has been produced and a successor project worked with hundreds of volunteers to plug the gaps, with planting and management on key sites, and creating nectar gardens in schools and care homes. Almost 2000 children were engaged in educational programmes focused on flora and pollinator art, fun and discovery. This work more than doubled the resource of species rich-hay meadow in the AONB and made a national-scale contribution to this BAP habitat

The North Pennines AONB team has created around 500HAa of new native woodland including, a 160Ha scheme in collaboration with the MoD at Warcop Ranges.

Big machines for tiny seeds film: is one of several videos illustrating this work and featuring conservation staff, farmers and contractors.