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AONB: North Pennines

Peatland Restoration

Since 2006, the North Pennines AONB team has led the restoration of 35000ha of drained or bare/eroding peatland – an area 3 x the size of Newcastle.  

The work involves re-wetting large areas of blanket bog through grip (drain) and gully blocking, and revegetating bare and eroding peat through managing water flow, spreading seed-rich heather brash, cottongrass planting and sphagnum inoculation. This benefits blanket bog vegetation communities and supports a suite of breeding waders including curlew, golden plover and dunlin.

6% of UK carbon emissions come from damaged peatlands (comparable with the 7% of emissions which come from air travel). Restored and well-managed peatland stores and sequesters millions of tonnes of carbon every year, allowing it to then sequester more carbon into the future.

Healthy peatland also plays a vital role in flood mitigation and reducing both sediment load and water colour in our rivers.