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AONB: Quantock Hills 

Quantock Landscape Development Fund

A grant scheme open to landowners, farmers and communities for both landscape and habitat enhancements who wish to undertake landscape projects within the Greater Quantock area.

The eligible landscape projects can include new hedgerow management, beech hedgerow maintenance, small woodland planting, standard tree planting (in-hedgerow or in-field trees), wildflower meadow planting and pond creation or restoration. This project is primarily a landscape enhancement project with eligible features prioritised through the Landscape Character Assessment. However the project is also funding hedgerows, woodland, ponds, orchards and wildflower meadows which are priority habitats. 

The project is funded through a S106 associated with Hinkley Point C as mitigation for the cumulative impact of off-site development associated with the build (e.g road schemes, park & rides etc). At present achievements of the fund include: 

  • 2.2km of new native hedgerows planted
  • 3.8km of native hedgerows managed and restored
  • 207 orchard trees planted (across 7 projects)
  • 4.8Ha of woodland managed / planted
  • 2.3Ha of ponds restored / created
  • over 1,000 standard native trees planted
  • 3.5ha of wildflower meadow created.