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AONB: Arnside & Silverdale

Warton Crag

Warton Crag is a diverse site with species rich limestone grassland, successional areas of scrub, bracken, limestone pavement and exposed rock and woodland. Each of these habitats requires different management intervention. Arnside & Silverdale AONB Partnership manages the 19.4ha Local Nature Reserve.

An aim of the Countryside Stewardship agreement for the site is to create and maintain the habitats for rare (red listed) High Brown and Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterflies to flourish. The butterflies need a mosaic of habitats for their lifecycle. The AONB Partnership achieves these aims with the use of trusted contractors, but also through an established volunteer group – from woodland coppicing, managing an ‘orchid verge’ and maintaining a fresh-water wildlife pond - bringing benefits for nature and also for the people involved.

Native breed cattle play a role too, grazing the entire site for a few weeks in summer and winter. The AONB Partnership also co-ordinates the input of other partners through convening the Warton Crag Advisory Group.