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Case Study: Bringing Gower Home

Title: Bringing Gower Home

Category: Landscapes for People
AONB: Gower AONB – Gower Landscape Partnership

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Bringing Gower Home provided ten one-day photography workshops for groups of up to 12 participants on Gower in 2016-17. These participants were based with organisations from the Swansea Bay region who would not normally have the opportunity to visit Gower. Groups included: children with behavioural problems and special needs; adults with addiction or drink issues; and young people on the autistic spectrum. Each day workshop was followed up with a projected display of the participant’s favourite photographs at a venue convenient to each organisation. Here each participant shared their feelings about the experience and discussed their photographs with an invited audience. The whole project experience focussed upon developing participants’ life skills, particularly self-esteem.

What was done

Each photography workshop was based at a Gower venue. During the day’s workshop participants learnt techniques that encouraged a connection with the Gower Landscape. Each workshop fed into a celebratory event at a location agreed with the participating organisation. At this event project participants shared their photographs in a projected display and talked about their impressions and feelings about Gower to an invited audience. During each workshop and feedback event, short video feedback from participants was collected and used along with the photographs to produce a summative video for sharing through the website and social media.


  • 10 one-day photography workshops for 10 community groups
  • 9 feedback/presentation events
  • 102 participants from community groups who normally face barriers to visiting the countryside
  • Personal creative photographs demonstrating what Gower means to each of the participants.
  • Workshop and subsequent feedback events developed life skills relevant to the organization and individual participants


The whole project experience focussed upon developing participants’ life skills, (particularly self-esteem) and specifically relevant to the organization and individual participants.

Further information and Links

Quote from project manager:

"Taking them out of their comfort zone to explore such lovely countryside"

Quote from participant:

"I like countryside and walking and this photo makes me feel better about life"

Key search words:  People, Community, Photography

Photo Credits: Melanie Ezra