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The UK's 46 AONBs

Visit Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty have some of the UK’s best countryside for walking, cycling, horseriding and wildlife-watching. But there’s also great caving, canoeing, sailing and fishing to be found too. In fact, if you can do it outdoors, you can probably do it in the outstanding landscapes of our AONBs. From quiet lanes, ancient woodlands, distinctive and attractive villages, flower-filled hay meadows, sweeping downs, wild moors and more, our AONBs include every aspect of the UK’s countryside and almost every kind of bird, plant and animal in the country.

This map above shows in dark green the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Move across the map to see the names of each area and you can click or tap to learn more about that individual AONB.

Your visit to these places can help to keep them special – the money you spend buying local products and using local services helps to sustain local communities, the communities that help to give the countryside its local character. Also, more often than not you can often enjoy these stunning landscapes and all they have to offer without having to take your car and by supporting local public transport instead – you’ll do yourself and the countryside a power of good.

Millions of people, both local residents and visitors, enjoy Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty every year – many without realising they are in a designated landscape. Make this year, your year to discover – or rediscover – what the UK’s 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty have to offer.