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Bowland Award Nominee Showcase – Farms for AONBees

Event date: 25 July, 2018

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Farms for AONBees is a collaboration project between the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) at the University of Exeter and Cornwall AONB. This project transformed the ESI’s award winning computer models of bee behaviour, growth and survival by piloting them as a decision-support tool for farmers and land managers to enhance pollinator conservation and food production.

This project has been supported by Cornwall AONB’s key stakeholders from the food and farming sector who championed five high-profile or up and coming farmer stakeholders to pilot the tool to help target their farm management with bees and business in mind. In further collaboration we have developed BEE-STEWARD, which is a user- friendly interface to the bee models that can be used easily by land managers, farmers and advisors to predict the effects of pollinator-friendly options on pollinator survival and pollination rates. This project has huge potential to change the way in which we work across landscapes and to target land management for future Agri-environment schemes that reward enhancement in natural capital.

View the full case study resource here.