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Bowland Award Nominee Showcase – Orchards for Everyone

Event date: 25 July, 2018

The Kent Downs is the finest landscape in the Garden of England; the character and qualities of this landscape are in part defined by the connection with farming and landscape heritage. There is an inextricable link between the landscape and communities and our orchards.

In this innovative and incredibly successful project they are supporting 15 communities to care for and manage their traditional orchards.

The Orchards for Everyone project plays precisely to some of the key priorities of the 25 Year Environment Plan; in particular it supports thriving plants and wildlife ; traditional orchards are a much threatened habitat and contain a rich genetic diversity of fruit varieties as well as an extraordinary biodiversity associated with an increasingly rare habitat.

Also supporting the 25YEP is the conservation of the particular beauty and heritage attached to traditional orchards which much valued by people. Not many have the opportunity to encounter and enjoy this beauty; the Orchards for Everyone project, as its title describes is all about engagement with this this wonderful part of the natural environment.

View the full case study resource here.