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Steve Evison, Nearly Wild Exploration – Building and engaging with an online community

Event date: 26 July, 2018

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Steve Evison, Director with Nearly Wild Exploration spoke at the conference on Building and engaging with an online community.

Speaker Profile:

steveevison-1-225x300.jpgSteve Evison

Nearly Wild Exploration – Director

Steve’s knowledge is based on REAL practical experience from practical contracting to academic lecturing, consulting and project development and successful business development. Steve works in a strong partnership with his wife Irene and together they have founded Resources for Change (a consultancy), Nearly Wild Camping (a member-owned co-op which is self-funding and has around 600 members with around 60 locations across the UK and overseas); Nearly Wild Exploration (a very new venture seeking to help people find opportunities to engage with the natural world, both near and far, and includes an online portal bringing together opportunities from numerous small organisation as well as the better known large ones), and Underhill Farm eco-venue (an organic permaculture based venue running allow key activities and hosting a number of events, training courses and informal learning opportunities). Steve has sat on numerous Boards and advisory groups but limits his involvement to one or two at a time to try and ensure he is effective. He is currently a Trustee of The Arkleton Trust.