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Northumberland Coast Path - Northumberland Coast AONB Partnership

Consultation Responses and Position Statements

The National Association for AONBs collates the thoughts and opinions of the AONB Network on national consultations and position statements. These responses and other papers can be downloaded below.

Changes to Permitted Development Rights for 5G   Download (PDF)

NAAONB Changes to Permitted Development Rights for Electronic Communication Infrastructure; Technical Consultation Response

Countryside Code Consultation   Download

NAAONB Countryside Code Consultation Response 

Planning White Paper   Download

NAAONB Planning White Paper Response

England Tree Strategy   Download

NAAONB England Tree Strategy Response

England Tree Strategy Prospectus   Download

NAAONB England Tree Strategy Prospectus

Environmental Land Management Policy Discussion   Download

NAAONB Environmental Land Management Policy Discussion Response

Dasgupta Review Interim Report   Download

NAAONB Dasgupta Review Interim Report Response

Art in the Landscape Statement of Intent   Download

Art in the Landscape Statement of Intent

Tourism and Hospitality Inquiry  Download

NAAONB Response to Tourism and Hospitality Inquiry

Housing in AONBs - a position statement   Download

Housing in AONBs - a position statement

5G Deployment Consultation   Download

NAAONB response - Proposed reforms to permitted development rights to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage consultation

Ffermio Cynaliadwy a'n Tir / Sustainable Farming and Our LandDownload (Welsh) Download (English) 

a consultation response by the NAAONB on behalf of the Welsh AONBs

Diversity and Inclusion   Download

NAAONB Position Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Interim Findings of the Designated Landscapes Review   Download

NAAONB Response to the Interim Findings of the Designated Landscapes Review

The Colchester Declaration   Download

The Colchester Declaration

Glover Review of Designated Landscapes   Download 

NAAONB Response to Glover Review of Designated Landscapes

Farming for the Nation   Download

NAAONB Response to Farming for the Nation - AONBs as test beds for a new Environmental Land Management Scheme

MHCLG Consultation on the NPPF Review   Download

NAAONB Response to MHCLG Consultation on the NPPF Review

The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum   Download

NAAONB written evidence to House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on the future of the natural environment after the EU Referendum

The Role of Tourism in Supporting Rural Growth in England   Download

NAAONB Written Evidence to EFRA committee inquiry into the role of tourism in supporting rural growth in England

Sustainable Land Management Inquiry  Download

NAAONB Response to The National Assembly for Wales’ Environment and Sustainability Committee Inquiry into Sustainable Land Management

Sustainable Development Bill   Download

NAAONB Response to Welsh Government Sustainable Development Bill